Moodle in English: itslearning vs. Moodle -

Moodle in English: itslearning vs. Moodle -

12 Dec 2013 ... It not only contains deadlines like in a calendar, but also tells you ... So the real examination of any system comes down to what do you feel ...

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Moodle in English: Turnitin's Moodle Direct Integration -

21 Mar 2013 ... GradeMark / Moodle Grade Book integration. Grades are ... This call should not be being called when you turn the option off. That is the bug I ...

Moodle in English: Moodle Cloud Site Not Working!! -

18 Apr 2019 ... Hello,. Like other users that have recently posted in this forum, we're having issues with our Moodle site. When I click on Site Administration, ...

Moodle in English: login not working moodle 3.8 -

30 May 2020 ... Logins don't work after the upgrade. when you browse the login page. ... And Moodle 4.0 is not that far off ... be interesting to see just how ...

Moodle in English: BigBlueButton slows down Moodle -

29 Mar 2020 ... When all the meeting starts our moodle instance become slow. we did some stress test without BigBlueButton plugin it can withstand more load ...

Moodle in English: Moodle site is down -

I am familiar with my own mysql error log, whose filename takes on the form "/var/lib/mysql/ip_stuff.err." I am not sure if you consider this to be front-end or back-end ...

Moodle in English: Moodle Security -

Do partners provide moodle sites to clients in secure locked down states? ... While the incident cited arguably did not threaten the security of the sites data, are there ... or the damage could be regarded as injuries outside the realm of site security. ... of any sophisticated software system (and an LMS is very sophisticated).

Moodle in English: Moodle needs to start again -

30 Jul 2020 ... Not all of them share your genetic code, you must understand. ... Sometimes I think that Moodle does need to slow down and let people ... full time, or do ed-tech admin full time and the school chose the former over the latter.

Moodle in English: Locked out of moodle -

28 Dec 2015 ... This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it. ... Either ldap needs to be disabled or configured correctly or ntlmsso turned off for the error for ...

Moodle in English: error/Could not upgrade oauth token -

Moodle in English: error/Could not upgrade oauth token - General ... ... so that Moodle doesn't end up lagging in the area of design again down the road. ... daycareworkspmis pshealth punjab gov pk prescriptionhbl online banking appclickedu casal del angels.

Moodle in English: External Login from Html Page -

I wanted to place this in the frontpage I think its not working? moodle 1.3.1 version. <form id="form" ... <form action="" method="post" ... I think this is answered further down this forum? If you put in ...

Moodle in English: SMTP problem with Moodle 3.0 (Build: 20151116)

Before I had no problem with SMTP and sending emails. ... Also weird is that it makes a TLSv1 connections, while secure is turned off on my site. ... If you have no time to explain in details I understand, so do not worry and thanks in any case! Fra ... Thank your Koen, your solution helped us avoiding a long journey of trouble.

Moodle in English: Hot Potatoes 6 exercises not working in Moodle

18 Oct 2012 ... Interesting detail is that Moodle seems to damage the files, for when I download the file from moodle to my PC it does not work anymore even from my hard disk.

Moodle in English: Moodle 3.9.1 and scheduled backup issue

23 Jul 2020 ... Think adhoc stuff could be scheduled for background if not finished ... Cron running every 5 minutes ... might drop that down to every minute.

Moodle in English: Login screen does not open -

11 Dec 2017 ... Did you turn off debugging? To get to debugging try going directly with browser URL line: https://yoursite/admin/settings.php?section=debugging.

Moodle in English: Admin Block Missing -

I can click on my login name and can assign user roles. ... Ok -so if you can turn editing on on the front page, can you go down to "add blocks" and add the administration block again ... This may also explain why the admin block etc is not visible. ... That'll fix it if you did what I did. . William Michael North Carolina, USA.

Moodle in English: Redirect loop - locked out of Moodle 2.5 after ...

$CFG->defaulthomepage = 0; // 0 = site, 1 = My Moodle, 2 = User preference ... that happens, have found it's best NOT to panic and close down the browser, but, ...

Moodle in English: Some dropdown menus not working -

6 Mar 2019 ... I mention this because I read of a bug in Boost Atto whereby drop down menu's were not displaying as they were unable to work with a '#" in ...

Moodle in English: Simplify activity chooser -

This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it. Picture of Rex ... I think that boils down to how a teacher is using Moodle. Is the course truly a ...

Moodle in English: New attempt at calendar integration -

10 Oct 2012 ... Martin did not like this because of course the calendar table should be ... for "Show in calendar" which would automatically default to on/off depending on how the ... this on your Moodle:

Moodle in English: Navbar not fixed to top of page -

27 Dec 2013 ... As Mary points out the css you have added is not correct - buckle doesn't use ... but that is not surprising, as you have really bitten off more that you can chew.

Moodle in English: Strange issue with login into Moodle with some ...

So this is what is going on, a user is having problems login in, into the system. ... 20181110) Moodle access does not allow user authentication: "Invalid login, ...

Moodle in English: Official Fordson 3.6 and Moodle 3.6 Support ...

16 Jan 2019 ... The CSS will tell you why the blocks are elevated above the drop down. I suspect it is a ... Teachers and Course Creators will no longer see badges. Average of ...

Moodle in English: Moodle site very slow from off premisis

2 Mar 2018 ... One of the sites in question, they all live on the same server is ... On prem, it loads in no time, from off prem, you might as well do something ...

Moodle in English: change admin's password -

9 Oct 2012 ... so when I go into config php I don't find my ... password in the password field, and choose the md5 option in the drop-down box. ... When installing Moodle during the database creation process I received no ...

Moodle in English: Empty grades not being aggregated -

Hello, I am using Moodle 2.7. This has become a site-wide problem (it is not restricted to one course). In the grader report, I want non-submitted quizzes to be ...

Moodle in English: EGURU- move up or down courses -

5 Sep 2020 ... Themes. EGURU- move up or down courses. ← No 'fontsize' setting in Boost causes unit conflict - fix · Error while adding Bootswatch Boost ...

Moodle in English: Server Status -

8 Oct 2008 ... This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it. ... I have a problem with the server, but it's related to Moodle because I have ...

Moodle in English: Blackboard Patents -

One of the problems with Software Patents (and perhaps patents in general), is that even if there ... My believe is that we will not stand alone if Blackboard decides to aggressively ... It doesn't matter if any LMS decides they don't violate this patent. ... I could only visit the website once this morning. ... 5th Century BC : Nalanda.


If you can try installing either on linux or using PostgreSQL on your windows ... It's not a great comparison to compare XAMPP on a desktop with a server ... changed them if you are doing development, and they can slow down Moodle a lot.

Moodle in English: Statistics not working -

This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it. Picture of Bill ... So, I tried sending the command date.timezone ='American/Denver' and it took the site down. When I removed the ... Crawford High School Principal Information

Moodle in English: Totara code now available -

11 Dec 2013 ... Good news indeed but I am pretty sure that we owe thanks to Moodle HQ not ... It allows us corporate geeks to install it on our test servers and show it off to our ... Are Tesco's, Vodaphone and your other customers waiting for the day they can ...

Moodle in English: A 15 year old student put Moodle down

19 May 2014 ... One week ago our Moodle (1.9.19) went down, we informed our ... PD: We have not yet talked with the student about the issue, we want ... This is the same as any self hosted CMS, LMS or any other web site you host on your own servers. ... You are right though - Moodle is not a zero cost alternative to run at ...

Moodle in English: MoodleCloud site down -

21 Jan 2020 ... Re: MoodleCloud site down. by Jon Tudhope - Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 12:29 AM. Same issue here - all pages serving 503 errors, no ...

Moodle in English: Can't login to Moodle after Git upgrade 3.5 to 3.6 ...

13 Apr 2019 ... Well, the no-login started after the first upgrade, so the current version is moot. ... try clearing browser cache, or rub a buddha belly and chant your mantra. ... upgrade and a new empty database, but login issues went away.

Moodle in English: Claroline is now Dekeos -

Claroline is interesting for our community as an early open source CMS--a part ... Personally there is no comparison; Moodle wins hands down in every aspect.

Moodle in English: evolve-D theme for M2.7 -

1 Aug 2014 ... I am not a programmer so this was my first attempt at creating a theme. The tricky parts ... I am holding off to see what changes are made with Moodle 3.2 before investing more time in this theme. I'd like to ... check amity mooc website. Average ...

Moodle in English: Introductions -

13 Jan 2020 ... My mother lives not far from Mary and Doug, so I'm in that neighborhood every ... We are hopeful this project will take us down that road. ... and was glad to see all the Moodlers last week on the German MoodleMoot in Kassel.

Moodle in English: Moodle in healthcare

I'm not sure what resources you might need to schedule for an online course. ... we requested but since becoming part of the larger umbrella that has slowed things down quite a bit. ... 2) What are in your opinion the main elements pro and versus a successful developement of ... University of Heidelberg also using Moodle.

Russian Moodle: Не работают тесты в Moodle -

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moodle/course.scss at master · moodle/moodle · GitHub

text-align: right;. width: auto;. } } } @include media-breakpoint-down(sm) {. body:not(.editing) { .course-content ul.topics, .course-content ul.weeks {. li.section {.

Moodle in English: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0 -

26 Nov 2012 ... All the recent debates I have been involved in with colleagues have been breaking down into a simple set of criteria. Moodle is ugly. Moodle is not intuitive.

Russian Moodle: HTTPS и MOODLE -

9 янв 2018 ... No secure protocols supported - if you get this message, but you know that the site ... Connect timed out - server did not respond to our connection request, ...

Moodle - Open-source learning platform | : Search results

Fra eLearningsdidaktik til teknik, ordet er dit. ... du cours « Using Moodle », mais offre un lieu de discussion pour les francophones dans leur langue maternelle.

Activity names auto-linking filter - Moodle Docs -

3 May 2019 ... ... Using the up/down arrows in the Order column you can specify the order in which each ... Activity names autolinking not working.

Step 3 - configuring Turnitin in Moodle | Moodle Plagiarism Plugin

Previously, the Plagiarism Plugin was bundled along with Moodle Direct V2. ... You can choose to show them for all assignments, for forums, for workshops, or not at all. ... Turnitin API URL - Use the drop-down to select either or ...