MongoDB - admin user not authorized - Stack Overflow

MongoDB - admin user not authorized - Stack Overflow

I was also scratching my head around the same issue, and everything worked after I set the role to be root when adding the first admin user.

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Up vote 1 Down vote Accepted. Loading when ... Ok firstly, change your login procedure to return the UserRole instead of count (count really serves no purpose in the case of a login). ... I think you can create an core project from a template with authorization and investigate how it should be done.

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I know this is straight forward for experts in PHP, but I have tried lots of variations and admin is still being set to pending approval. Here's the ...

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If you can't get to your admin page then you will have to use a database tool to check this. In a database tool (phpMyAdmin will work) enter this:

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You need to add a login to SQL Server for IIS APPPOOLASP. ... Up vote 343 Down vote ... SQL Server will use Windows Authentication, so your connection ... NET v4.0' under Database -> Security -> Users BUT no User not ...

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login -> FB.api) to the previous comment. function loginTest() { FB.login( ...

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Testing the user's login domain will only tell you if the user has authenticated against the domain, not whether the client is on your local network. If your website ...

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Up vote 0 Down vote. You can make a table to store number of login attempt from a specific IP address. ... information about registered users is stored and the other one where unsuccessful login attempts are listed. Before verifying entered data, system has to check if the user exceeded attempts limit or not.

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When you move on another browser, there is no cookie being sent, so from the server's perspective the user is not authenticated and it gets ...

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Pared-down example (in Python). ... A Facebook developer support engineer has confirmed that the test-user login_url can no ... It seems like all you need are the email and password returned from the create-test-user API. (No other login form fields seem to be needed, though you'll still need to pick up the cookies first.).

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I wanted to set up travis for my spring-boot project where I use user makler/makler for accessing database. When running travis I get an error ...

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... from user agent 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/33.0.1712.2 Safari/537.36' at

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Up vote 0 Down vote ... Goal: I am building a local intranet to allow a company's employees to access shared files through the intranet web portal. ... However, when I try to access a specific folder's permissions, I can only get the folder's permissions according to PHP's level of access, not the user's.

MongoDB Performance — MongoDB Manual

In particular, the application's working set should fit in the available physical memory. ... is consistently high, then there is a chance that a large number of requests are waiting for a ... The following fields in the serverStatus document can provide insight: ... 0, The profiler is off and does not collect any data.

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Click the Creighton Authorized User Login link from your Favorites menu to ... is provided on the condition that the recipient will not permit any other party to have ...

Authorized User Login – IT@JH University Information Systems

The student selects the access, creates the username and password, and supplies this information to you. Go to the log in page for Authorized Users: https://sis.jhu.

MyAdmin User Guide (External Admin for User Mgmt) - E2open

You may not reproduce, disclose or ... In the INTTRA portal, each user is uniquely identified with a User ID, password and profile. ... If for any reason you need to “turn-off” a user's access to the INTTRA portal, use the Active/Inactive user toggle ...

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Is there a way to detect if a key is currently down in JavaScript? I know about the "keydown" event, but that's not what I need. Some time AFTER ...

Key being held down in - Stack Overflow

It is not a Visual Basic setting it is a Windows Setting under Keybaord Properties you will need to shorten the Repeat Delay Time it will affect all ...

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... already received and you'll have an answer that may be stale, but is probably close enough to being correct that it is better than no data at all.

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... and is seemed to be down. That's really horrible. Can't believe it the whole ruby community have only one single not-so-reliable gems source.

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9 Answers. 9. order by. active, oldest, votes. Up vote 11 Down vote Accepted. Loading when this answer was accepted… you cannot implicitely ...

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The keywords you need to search for are "DoDi VB3 decompiler" or "vb3dis". ... (with permission for work-for-hire stuff of course), even down to the Fortran assignments I did at Uni back in the early 80s. ... VB3 is 16 bit code only still some bugs no source code. ... in case that website get lost Google for

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I just wonder: Since WAP was for web pages, what Apps did you develop? It is a Web Server technology, not a client side one? ... It is a basic browser with many limitations, e.g. only line by line up/down scrolling rather than ...

Logout: GET or POST? - Stack Overflow

I'd like to thank my bank for making log off a GET request, and the ... fun fact: StackOverflow used to handle log-out via GET, but not anymore.

ToolBar not work - Stack Overflow

Ya thats too choosy to solve out. Use AppCompatActivity instead of Activity. If you are using Android Studio use gradle compile.

Using HTTPS with a dynamic ip - Stack Overflow

An SSL certificate is issued for the domain name, not the IP address. ... for each HTTPS site, because then there's no issue of multiple name ...

WCF Known Type error - Stack Overflow

Add any types not known statically to the list of known types - for example, by using ... 131: passwordStrengthRegularExpression="" Line 132: type="DsdWebsite.

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I use the following code to get a jsch session: JSch jsch = new JSch(); String user = "test"; String host = ""; String password ...

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The webpage at file:///storage/sdcard0/Download/manuals/test/index4.html might be temporarily down or it may have been moved permanently to ...

Website availability API - Stack Overflow

If you only need simple functionality to verify whether the site is visible to the some service (ex., I think the ...

Released apk is not able to login - Stack Overflow

Select your application from the Drop Down at the top · APIs and Services -> Credentials · Add a key with SHA-1 for the release as well. (You ...

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11 Answers. 11. order by. active, oldest, votes. Up vote 113 Down vote. pushd is a bash enhancement to the POSIX-specified Bourne Shell.

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sadly i have to do a website using and i encountered a big problem, while using the mail() command to send an html mail, with some server like gmail the ...

NoClassDefFoundError but class is there - Stack Overflow

Up vote 1 Down vote ... NoClassDefFoundError: de.hska.ilias.commons.server. ... A NoClassDefFoundError specifies that the class was not available ... you have it in class path or the static initializer(if present) is not breaking.

exit /B 0 does not work - Stack Overflow

The DOS online help (HELP EXIT) doesn't make it clear that the /B ... @echo off start "" /b /wait cmd /c "startServer.bat" if ERRORLEVEL 1 echo ...

No EU Groupon API Results - Stack Overflow

The US feed URL can be found on the US Groupon site - see: (Scroll down to "Location Sample ...

Could not login in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Stack Overflow

It's caused by ticking 'enable automatic logging in' at installation. Open the terminal by pressing Ctrl Alt T. Login, then enter sudo nano ...

$zopim is not defined - Stack Overflow

I've found a better solution (after submitting a request to support) zE(function() { $zopim(function() { $zopim.livechat.

fatal: does not appear to be a git repository - Stack Overflow

8 Answers. 8. order by. active, oldest, votes. Up vote 85 Down vote Accepted. Loading when this answer was accepted… You've got the syntax ...

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For some reason, however, this does not work. ... speed buttonSpeed = _stageHeight / 40; //Adds timer that moves in the button comeInTimer ...

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... vote 0 Down vote. This is not related to your programming by itself. ... The problem you have is that your e-mail looks like spam. Try to write a ...

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... 0 Down vote. Try this (from documentation): var MyTracker = function() { MyTracker(this, 'constructor'); } tracking.inherits(MyTracker, tracking.

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I assume db.getUser('foo') returns a Promise, so you need to await the t.throws assertion: await t.throws(db.getUser('foo'), /not found/).

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In standard C , it does not, because any call on a null pointer is ... but need to track down exactly which class / call stack it's occurring in.